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Decin's town festival

In the month of May, Decin erupts in a flurry of activity when the Mestske Slavnosti town festival is on. The event includes fireworks, attractions, a day-long music fest (Labefest) on the riverbank in the middle of town.

Thrill-seekers should make a point of taking part in the Adrenalin Challenge, two days of fun for the whole family. The Challenge attracts active people from far and wide for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a great atmosphere. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and physically and emotionally fit. The event is fun to watch too. Kids aged 3 to 15 can take part in an adrenalin challenge of their own, with an orienteering race, mini zip-line, agility course, skills tests, and more. It’s more than just a competition, it’s a great way to get kids out of the house on a Sunday. The kids receive a t-shirt, a small gift, and a finisher medal

The music festival and Adrenalin Challenge both take place on the first weekend of the town festival. Other events include a series of activity stations on the meadow for smaller children, and a wood-carving festival, which has its own program of concerts and performances.

The second weekend of festivities features the two-day Historicky trh majovy - the Historical May Fair - which takes place in the castle courtyard. Vendors sell traditional, hand-crafted goods, food and drink, and other items as jugglers and street performers stroll past. Visitors can enjoy performances on a central stage and other venues at the castle during the fair. Also at the castle that weekend is the Decinska Kotva florist competition. Entries are on display at the castle for visitors to admire.

For basketball fans, there is a street ball tournament in the parking lot by the library. The tournament welcomes hundreds of teams from across the country each year.

Another popular part of the festival is the Mlade Labe showcase, which gives youth programs in the city a chance to put their best face forward.

But that’s not all. The town festival also includes a vintage car gathering which culminates in an “easy ride” through town. The space in front of the Church of the Cross makes room for the country’s biggest rosé wine tasting.

There is also a day for seniors, with concerts on the riverbank. The final weekend is the street theater festival. Admission is free of charge.

The town festival closes with a day of games, run by the youth center. There’s a bouncy castle, as well as face painting, pony rides, and plenty of games. Admission is free.

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