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2. 3. 2023
author: Beth Tonderová

Bus service to the national park is now year-round

Welcome news for all hikers and nature lovers! Bus 434, providing service from Decin to destinations in and around Bohemian Switzerland National Park, will now run year round. The 434 line, Decin–Hrensko–Jetrichovice–Krasna Lipa and back, will operate seven days a week. In March and November, it will run three times on weekdays; in April–June and September–October four times; and even more frequently in July and August.

Also offering year-round service will be bus 438, which operates on the same route with a detour and final stop at Mezna. Travelers planning a trip to Mezna should opt for this line; bus 434 does not stop there.

Year-round service on the 434 line has been made a reality through the joint efforts of Bohemian Switzerland o.p.s., Bohemian Switzerland National Park, the Usti regional transport authority, and representatives of the Usti regional authority.