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9. 3. 2023
author: Beth Tonderová

Emergency road closure between Hrensko and Mezni Louka

From March 1 until at least March 31 the road between Hrensko and Mezni Louka will be closed due to the imminent danger of rockslide in this area.

Bus service is also affected by this closure. Bus 434 will be out of operation until the section reopens. Bus 438, 436, and 404 will detour around the area. Buses to Mezna Louka will run through Jetrichovice until otherwise noted.

Access to Pravcicka brana arch, Mezni Louka, Mezna, and Vysoka Lipa from Hrensko by car is rerouted through Jetrichovice. The detour is marked.

For visitors to Pravcicka brana arch, the parking lot by the waterfall (“U vodopadu”) is accessible from the direction of Jetrichovice. From this parking lot, visitors can visit the arch by walking back towards the bus stop “Tri pravemny” and then walking up to Pravicicka brana. The arch is open froom 10 am to 4 pm on weekends (Friday–Sunday) until the end of March. It should be open daily after Easter.

From Jetrichovice to Hrensko, take the detour through Srbska Kamenice, Ruzova, and Janov.

If all goes as planned, the closure should end on March 31.