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24. 11. 2020
author: Beth Tonderová

Mountain bike trails on Klobouk

Klobouk trails is a grassroots movement of mountain bikers, diggers, and enthusiasts joining together for a community effort to install new bike trails on Klobouk hill in the Decin district.

The first phase includes mapping suitable routes and setting rules for digging. New trails can be built only within the municipal woodland.

The first trail is almost ready, the tough, technically demanding Corona trail.

“There are currently several trails under construction intended primarily for the one-way rides on mountain bikes. All activity under this effort – felling trees, moving earth and roots, etc. is entirely in accordance with the agreement of the landowner, the administrator Lesni urad Decin. Please respect these efforts and, please, do not damage or alter the trails that have been made. They aren’t entirely finished yet anyway, so riding them is not allowed without the permission of Lesni urad and the members of the Klobouk trails association,” say the movement’s founders on their website.

The project was supported under the Tvorime Decin initiative. Its purpose is to promote mountain biking among youth and adults and improve conditions for riding in the Decin area. The movement officially came together as the grassroots organization Klobouk trails, z.s.