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24. 11. 2020
author: Beth Tonderová

Updates from Bohemian Switzerland

Did you know that a new bus link connecting Jetrichovice and Mezni Louka is scheduled to begin operation in November? Or that the Czech Hiking Club has blazed a new trail in the Wild Gorge?

Bus line 434 and other links

The Ceske Svycarsko association and regional transport authority have arranged weekend bus service in the central area of the national parkland between Jetrichovice and Mezni Louka.

This is the first time ever that winter bus service will connect the two villages.

The bus will make individual daytrips in the Jetrichovice cliffs area possible without the necessity of returning by foot to the trailhead.

Bus number 434 departs from Jetrichovice every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday from November through March at 8:40 am and 4:40 pm. Buses from Mezni Louka depart at 8:59 am and 4:59 pm.

The new bus line extends route 436 Decin – Srbska Kamenice – Jetrichovice departing Decin at 8:01 am and 4:01 pm, continuing without transfer at Jetrichovice, through Vysoka Lipa to Mezni Louka. The same applies in the opposite direction.

Buses from Mezni Louka do not end in Jetrichovice, but continue as 436 through Srbska Kamenice to Decin. At Mezni Louka there are connections for bus 438 to Hrensko and Decin at 9:05 am and 5:05 pm. In the opposite direction bus 438 arrives at Mezni Louka at 8:44 am and 4:44 pm, where connection is possible for the new bus 434 to Jetrichovice.

More than twenty new trails

In October 2020 KCT Krasna Lipa finished marking the Divoka Rokle (Wild Gorge) trail in Bohemian Switzerland. Their work renews part of the hiking trail that now ends at Cerna Brana and used to run over the bridge across the Krinice in Krasna Lipa and on into Saxony.

This area of ravines and gorges is little visited and far from human habitation, opening up the potential for new hiking adventures, for example from Kyjov or Doubice via Hrebec, through the Divoka gorge to Panenske Jedle, to Zadni Jetrichovice and Mezni Louka.

Near Kyjov and Vlci Hora, not far from the Kogler trail, there will soon be a new trail blazed to the Plactive Kameny bluff, a major starting point for the Luzice loop among granite and sandstones that leads from the lesser cliffs of Male Skaly in Cesky Raj through the northern region of Bohemian Switzerland all the way to Dresden.

One of the major activities of the tour operator Ceske Svycarsko, in partnership with KCT and the Usti Region, is the creation of a ridgeline trail between Sebr, where a new footbridge is being built, and Tisa. The effort is part of the renewal of the old ridgetop trail Praded – Snezka – Jested – Klinovec – As.

In the past eight years, partnership among area village authorities, KCT, the Elbe Sandstones Protected Landscape Administration, and Bohemian Switzerland National Park has yielded an unbelievable twenty new trails (not including the new Divoka Rokle trail).

01. Tisa - Zeisigstein

02. Ostrov – Grenzplatte

03. Dolni Zleb – Klopotsky stream waterfall – Zschirnstein

04. Hrensko – Janov outlook

05. Srbska Kamenice – Nova Oleska

06. Vsemily – Jetrichovice – chapel at Kny pod Kolištěm

07. Chribska – Na Stodolci – Studeny

08. Liska – Pusty zamek – Ceska Kamenice

09. Snezna – Dlouhy dul – Kyjov

10. Kyjov valley – Kyjov dam – Hrebec

11. Krasny Buk – Kamenna Horka – Maskuv vrch – Vapenka

12. Mikulasovice upper station – Bily potok/Weissbachtal – Brtnicky bridge

13. Plesny – three-sided chapel – Hancperk

14. Dolni Poustevna – Gerstenberg – Unger

15. Horni Poustevna – Nova Viska – Langburkersdorf

16. Sluknov – Knizeci – Pod hrazenym

17. Sluknov – Fukovska brana – Kralovstvi trail of the cross

18. Zidovsky vrch – Sluknov stop – Nove Hrabeci

19. Rozany – Försterei

20. Janov – Sucha Kamenice (below Belveder)