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Svadov – Nestemice Ferry

The ferry between Nestemice and Svadov departs from Veslarska ulice in Nestemice and from Labska ulice in Svadov. The ferry is a catamaran. The journey is only 126 meters, but saves hikers and cyclists a 8.6 km walk.


The ferry serves both pedestrians and cyclists. There is no regular schedule of service. It operates daily between 10 am and 6 pm. Travelers call the ferry by ringing a gong.

The ferry accommodates up to 12 passengers. Besides pedestrians and cyclists it also transports strollers, small motorbikes, and scooters. The catamaran can manage the 126-meter crossing in a couple of minutes.


Passengers over 15 years15 CZK
Children 5 years and up5 CZK
Children under 5 yearsFree
Dog5 CZK
Bicycle, stroller5 CZK

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