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Elbe trail

The Elbe cycle route runs right through Decin. And this is where you’ll find the best scenery. Ride the final Bohemian segment of the trail before it heads into Germany, and enjoy the Elbe River Canyon. Between Decin and Dolni Zleb, you can marvel at the sandstone cliffs rising steeply on either side. They are what make this Europe’s deepest sandstone canyon. To get deeper into the hills, take the ferry across the Elbe and Dolni Zleb and pedal up to Hrensko, where Bohemian Switzerland National Park opens before you.

The Elbe trail is one of central Europe’s most popular bike routes. It starts in northeastern Bohemia's Giant Mountains at the source of the Elbe, goes through wine country around Melnik and Litomerice, passes Usti and hits Decin before crossing the border into Germany. There it passes through Dresden, Leipzig, Magdeburg, and Hamburg, ending at Cuxhaven on the shore of the North Sea. The route is lined with beautiful natural scenery, presents an easy ride with little climbing, and hugs the river the whole way. The Bohemian segment of the Elbe trail (Czech bike route 2, EuroVelo 4 and 7) is 370 km long. The full length is 1,300 km.


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