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Kyjov valley

The Kyjov valley and the village of the same name lie near Krasna Lipa on the Krinice River. The village is dotted with wooden cottages (examples of the local folk architecture). There's a popular swimming hole here. Bike trails and hiking paths criss-cross the area. And there's also plenty of good rock climbing here. In the winter the frost creates fascinating ice formations. There are three cliff-top “fortresses” nearby—Kyjovsky, Brtnicky, Vlci. In short, you won’t run out of outdoor fun in Kyjov at any time of year.

Other points of interest in the Kyjov valley

  • Vinny sklep (“wine cellar”) — A two-chambered cave created by falling boulders. This is a favorite with rock climbers. In the winter you’ll find bottle-shaped ice stalagmites here (thus the name). Legend has it that a secret passage leads from here to the Kyjov ruins.
  • Jeskyne vil (“fairy cavern”) — An overhang with underground chambers, this cavern is on the right bank of the river Krinice, not far from Doubice. In the wintertime, plenty of icicles form here, creating curtains and other fabulous ice forms. Take the time to search out this unusual spot. It's freely accessible.
  • Kyjovsky skalni hradek (“Kyjov clifftop keep”) — The traces of a clifftop keep are located one kilometer west of Kyjov on sandstone bluff, its sides plunging straight down into the Krinice River canyon.

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