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Overview of closures in Děčín

1. Closure of Long Drive and Rose Garden

Until December 2025, visitors to Děčín Castle will have to forgo the Long Drive as well as the Rose Garden, as both are part of extensive renovations. More about the renovations can be found here.

Alternative: Pedestrians can utilize alternative routes to the castle, either through the Southern Gardens from the Castle Granary (marked here) or the path on the northern side from Zámecká Street (route here).

2. Closure of Žižková Street towards Děčín Zoo

Due to planned renovations of sewage, gas pipelines, and electricity, Žižková Street is closed to vehicles, which is also the only access road to Děčín Zoo. The work is expected to be completed no later than June 9, 2024, until then the zoo will be accessible only on foot.

Alternative: Žižková Street remains accessible to pedestrians. Nevertheless, we recommend more enjoyable routes. The first option is the entertaining Zoo trail, leading from the parking lot on Práce Street in Podmokly towards Jahnova Plateau and up to the zoo (route here). More information about the Zoo trail itself can be found on our website. Another option is the red hiking trail leading from Tyrš Bridge through Puchmayerova Street and Červený vrch all the way to the viewpoint at Pastýřské stěny and from there to the zoo (route here).

The current map of all closures in Děčín is available on the website of the Statutory City of Děčín (link

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