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Paragliding over Decin

Situated in the hilly Elbe valley, Decin is uniquely suited for paragliding. In 2013 a large part of the forested slope above the riverside neighborhood Priper was cleared, creating good terrain for paraglider take-offs.

To take off when paragliding, you need adequate elevation (the more the better), a suitable take-off area, a little wind, and, not least, a bit of flying know-how. Then you can take off and enjoy the fantastic views of the landscape below.

For details, visit the PGKrupka website (comments are in Czech).

Use of the take-off area is made possible by the Czech forestry service.

Please respect posted rules

  • Do not damage the saplings planted below the take-off area
  • Do not drive to the take-off site by car
  • Do not leave refuse behind

Thanks to your contributions, Děčín can also be admired online. Tag Instagram photos with #idecin and we'll show them here.