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Zoo trail

Don't know where to go to the Děčín Zoo? Take the Zoo trail! Not only is it a nice walk through the forest, but seven fun tasks from the animal world await you here. For example, you can have a race with a wolf, compete with a bear or help a capybara find its way to water.

And which way to go?

The route starts next to the viaduct on the Labské nábřeží (Čsl. mládeže street) and leads up the hill around Jahn's viewpoint to the zoo. But don't be afraid of the hills, the Zoo trail is only half a kilometer long and the tasks are fun. The Zoo trail also includes a photo point with the famous crested macaque and wooden sculptures of a bear and a turtle. So don't hesitate and go on animal adventure!

Unfortunately, the Zoo trail is not suitable for strollers.

City map with marked Zoo trail


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