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Decin Castle

The castle drive, measuring 292 meters, was hewn into the rock of the castle bluff for two thirds of its length. The castle has five tour routes and hosts an abundance of cultural events throughout the year. One of its loveliest spots is the rose garden. The recently refurbished southern gardens are also worth a visit.


The Golden Age of Decin Castle

See the castle as it would have looked in its heyday, just as composer Frederic Chopin, Emperor Franz Joseph I, and a host of other famous figures experienced it. See the study and private quarters of the castle’s owners, the winter dining room, the ladies’ and gentlemen’s parlors, the private chambers of other family members, the castle gallery, and Saint George’s chapel. (Approx. 60 minutes)

A Visit with Prince Franz Thun

Visit the estate of the former governor of Bohemia and Minister-President of Austria, Prince Franz Thun. You will see his private chambers, the nursery area, the corner hall, the summer dining room with its preserved wall frescoes, and the tower alcove with its lovely view of the town and the river Elbe. (Approx. 60 minutes)

Baroque Treasures

Discover the architectural gems of the castle complex commissioned by Count Maximilian Thun. The tour will take you to the monumental Baroque stables and on to the impressive rose garden with its sala terrena and gloriette. From here a covered passage leads to the Church of the Ascension of the Holy Cross, which houses a number of valuable Baroque artworks. (Approx. 60 minutes)

Open the “13th Chamber”

Discover the secrets of Bohemian castles and keeps. The “Thirteenth Chamber” is an interactive tour series full of mystery and surprises. In Decin, the Black Knight will take you on a journey back to the dark ages.

Castle Kids

This tour program is catered to the castle’s smallest visitors. Suitable for ages 4 to 12. Get out your crayons!

City Tour and Baroque Castle Treasures

This city tour begins in the municipal library on the riverbank, continues across the town square, through Krizova ulice, to the castle courtyard and Baroque stables, the rose garden, the covered passage into the Church of the Holy Cross, the castle’s southern gardens, and the suspension footbridge.

Haptic tours

Special guided tours tailored for visually impaired and hearing impaired visitors feature elements that can be experienced by touch, hearing, and even smell. Tours are limited to 15 participants, last roughly an hour, and must be reserved at least 14 days in advance.


Historic carriages exhibit

The Baroque castle stables feature an exhibit of horse-drawn carriages on loan from the Postal Museum.

Decin horological exhibit

The historical timepieces in this exhibit in the castle attic are on loan from private collections. The exhibit now includes a section on electrical clocks.

Rose garden

Without a doubt, the castle’s most inviting spot is its rose garden. Its exquisite Baroque architecture is underscored by a host of roses in full bloom. The garden’s western end features a sala terrena, an enclosed pavilion decorated with frescoes dating from 1678. Its eastern end rises in a gloriette, an elevated terrace dotted with Baroque statues. It became commonly known as the Rose Garden in 1881. It was one of the largest rose gardens in the Habsburg Empire at the time.

Full information about the castle is available on the castle website, including an events calendar and rental information.


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