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Elbe canyon

Plunging to a depth of 300 meters, the Elbe canyon is the deepest sandstone canyon in Europe, and is a popular rock-climbing destination. Climbing in the area is governed by Protected Landscape Area guidelines and the rules for climbing sandstone cliff areas issued by the Czech Climbing Association. The “Labak” climbing area lies on both banks of the Elbe River.

Left bank

With a large concentration of sport climbing routes, most climbing activity is focused on the left bank of the river. The most popular routes are on the rocks between Maly Dabel (“little devil”) and Jeptiska (“the nun”). They are largely overhanging cliff faces with higher difficulty levels and heights of 30 meters and more. The Jeptiska formation occupies a central part of rock-climbing legend in this climbing paradise.

Right bank

The larger right bank area has cliffs rising up to 80 meters. There are more cliff ascents here, especially in the area between Duhova Vez (“rainbow tower”) and Vojtech (“Adalbert”). There are, of course, several sport routes here, mostly on the cliffs across from Dolni Zleb: Velka Basta (“great bastion”), Mala Basta (“little bastion”), Trun (“the throne”), Zrcadlo (“the mirror”), Ruzova Vez (“pink tower”), Majdalena (“Magdalena”).

A detailed climbing guide to the right and left banks can be purchased in visitor information centers.


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