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Via ferrata

The via ferrata scales the cliff face in the very heart of town, just across the river from Decin Castle. Opened in April 2014, it now offers 14 climbing routes of various levels of difficulty. The complex is freely accessible at no charge. Climbing sets can be rented nearby. For safety reasons, climbing is forbidden when it is raining or the cliff face is wet. This activity is suitable for any reasonably active, healthy individual, including children. No previous climbing experience is necessary. An experienced guide can be hired to help you conquer the wall.

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Jiří DivišActive point Děčín
Labské nábřeží 1717/31Labské nábřeží 1716/33
405 02 Děčín 2405 02 Děčín 2
Tel.: +420 724 220 529Tel.: +420 724 006 865

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Jiří Scorpion Hovorka - accredited guide, mountain guide
Special extended via ferrata courses (approx. 4 hours), sunrise courses, team building, advanced (routes with overhangs)
www.absence.cz  /  FACEBOOK  /  INSTAGRAM
Tel.: +420 602 421 809
e-mail: ferrata@absence.cz

What is a via ferrata?

The term via ferrata comes from Italian and means iron trail. It is an anchored trail across demanding mountain terrain, fitted with support cables, railings, steps, and other aids to help inexperienced climbers pass. The routes can be of various levels of difficulty. In the Czech Republic they are labeled using the Austrian system (from A=easy to E=difficult).

Routes of varying difficulty

Both experienced climbers and absolute beginners can come into their own on Decin’s via ferrata. Just study the map and choose the route that’s right for you.

The route difficulty is graded A to E, with A being the easiest and E the most demanding routes suitable only for experienced climbers. The routes are one-way going up. Make your descent along one of the marked hiking trails nearby.

1Path to HeavenC150 m
2Silent TolerenceC150 m
3Confederacy of DuncesC150 m
4MementoB150 m
5Hungry WayfarerB150 m
6Silver WillD150 m
7Delusions of GrandeurD-
8ShepherdD150 m
9FronaD150 m
10Charles BridgeB12 m
12Air BalletA150 m
13Memento HTWD170 m
14Rock EmpireD170 m
15Brewery roadD
16Adrenalin CHallengeC

What do you need?

Besides sturdy shoes, you’ll need a complete climbing set. If you don’t have your own equipment, you can borrow it for a fee. There are several rental centers at the foot of the climbing wall that offer guide services. You can leave your backpacks and other belongings at the rental centers to pick up later. They are open every day until late afternoon.


Before visiting the via ferrata, is an obligation have a look at the visitor guide and rules.


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