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Hrensko – Schöna Ferry

The ferry that crosses the Elbe River at Hrensko makes an international border crossing. It takes locals and tourists from the Czech side over to the German side, and back again. The ferry does not have a regular timetable. It runs as needed.

Operating hours

The Hrensko - Schöna ferry is meant only for transport of passengers and bicycles.

DayOctober – MarchApril – September
Monday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm
Tuesday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm
Wednesday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm
Thursday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm
Friday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm
Saturday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm
Sunday9 am – 6 pm8 am – 10 pm


Riders on the ferry should have a government issued ID or passport and their fare in cash.

Adult40 CZK
Child30 CZK
Bike30 CZK

The Elbe/Labe pass covers travel on this ferry. VVO tickets are not accepted.


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