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Dolni Zleb ferry

The northernmost ferry crossing in the country is at Dolni Zleb on the Elbe River. It is heavily utilized by locals and visitors alike. The dock on the left bank is near the Dolni Zleb railway station. On the right bank the ferry pulls in just off the road between Decin and Hrensko.


The ferry operates on an unregulated stretch of the river where water levels are highly dependent on precipitation. Generally it is capable of operating only when the water level, measured in Usti nad Labem, is between 160 and 300 cm.

The ferry runs year round, carrying pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles up to 12 t.


Automobile (all types + driver)23 CZK
Additional car passenger - adult7 CZK
Additional car passenger - child5 CZK
Cyclist (rider + bike)28 CZK
Child 6–15 years12 CZK
Person with stroller12 CZK
Family rate max 2 adults + 4 children55 CZK
Group rate (schools, groups of more than 10)120 CZK
Annual pass up to 3.5 t360 CZK
Annual pass over 3.5 t660 CZK

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