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Wood carving festival

If you love woodworking, don’t miss Decin’s wood carving festival Sochari Decinu (“Sculptors for Decin”). Established in 2014, the event is quickly becoming a local tradition. Come to see the artists wield their chainsaws. You can look forward to a full program, musical performances, and a food festival. The event takes place every May as part of the town festival.

The 2019 event celebrated the 70th anniversary of Decin’s zoo and was coordinated with partners on both sides of the Czech-German border. More than 40 artists participated, with sculptors from Russia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Germany, and Slovakia. Participants set out to create pieces that can be installed in public spaces to serve the community. More than 50 works of art, including park benches, statuary, and more, have been placed in and around Decin since the festival began. They are made to last, and should be with us for at least the next 50 years.

Event organizer: Dmitrij Pavlovich Pljonkin, ARTCZECH.COM, socharidecinu.cz 


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