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Tourist season kick-off 2024

Spring is here and it’s time to welcome the coming tourist season with a day of fun and games centered on the riverbank in Decin. The fun starts at 9 am on April 20.

Kick-off program, 20 April 2024, 9am–7pm

Sports Activities

  • 9am–3pm: Decin Run Fest
 – Marian meadow south of Decin Castle
  • 10am:
 Bike Ride – Ploucnice bike trail
  • 10am–1pm
: Sports and games for small children (Kiwanis Club)
 – Riverside by the castle
  • 1–5pm: 
Belasek fun and games – 
Riverside by the castle
  • 9am–5pm
: Athletics (SK Decin – ASK Decin) 
– Marian meadow south of Decin Castle
  • 2pm: 
Tomas Eibl Bike Show – 
Library parking lot, riverside

Food Scene

  • 10am–7pm
: Decin Food Festival – 
Library parking lot, riverside

Cultural Program

  • 11am and 1pm: 
First Aid Demonstrations (Czech Red Cross)
 – Library parking lot, riverside
  • 1pm
: Opening of New Nordic Walking Paths – 
Stage, library parking lot, riverside
  • 3pm
: Kuzle (concert) – 
Stage, library parking lot, riverside
  • 4pm: 
DC Radio
 – Stage, library parking lot, riverside

Historical Steamboat Rides

  • 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, and 3pm
  • Tickets on sale now at vstupenkadecin.cz

Chill Zone

Karls Grill Bar

Cajovna ve Vlnach

DC Ground


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