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Cross-border running trail

Here’s a tip for a cross-border run from local runner Michal Burda of Hudysport.

Distance: 31.5 km / Climb: 1,052 m / Descent: 1,053 m

Starting at the parking lot near Tyrs Bridge on the left bank of the river, run through the tunnel (under the road and the railway track) and turn right. Cross the tracks again at the railroad crossing, turn left and follow the yellow trail all the way through Maxicky to U Buku crossroads. Continue across the plateau on the green trail to the Czech–German border and Ceska Brana. Here you head right, crossing the first path and join the yellow trail, which you follow to the right. It takes you to a major crossroad where you choose the way to the right and run on towards the village of Schöna. Follow the yellow trail around Zirkelstein, where there are excellent views of the Saxon table mountains and into the village.

Once in the village, take a right at the Old Timer museum and run down to the River Elbe. The trail continues along the river, where you can enjoy a view of Europe’s deepest sandstone canyon. Continue until the ferry crossing in Dolni Zleb, a rock-climbing hot spot. Run under the railway overpass to the right and then take a left and go on until you join the yellow trail, which takes you towards Decin. On the way there’s a great view of the rock climbers on the opposite shore. In Certova Voda take the green trail, which will take you back to the bridge where you started.


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