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Unique Jetrichovice panoramas

Bohemian Switzerland has many fantastic viewpoints. The best known are concentrated in the area of Jetrichovice. They are Mariina Skala (Marie’s cliff), Vileminina stena (Wilhelmina’s wall), and Rudolfuv kamen (Rudolph’s rock). All three are named for members of the Kinsky family, which once held the local estate.

Tour route

Decin – Jetrichovice – Kny Chapel – Rudolfuv Kamen – Vileminina Stena – Mariina Skala – Jetrichovice

The trip begins in the village of Jetrichovice, just 15 km outside of Decin on bus 434 (get off at Jetrichovice hostinec). Set off from the tourist information center on the blue trail. A gentle climb takes you past a rock formation known as kocici kostel (“kitten castle”) over a meadow about 2 km to the Kny chapel. From the signpost here, you’ll climb the stairs on the red trail. There are magnificent rock formations in this area.

Continue along the Jetrichovice bluffs nature trail, passing below Koliste (zone one of the national park). There are lovely views the whole way. A short walk brings you to Pohovka crossroads, where you can take a break on a wooden bench. It’s less than a kilometer to the signpost below the cliff-top viewpoint Rudolfuv Kamen (also marked Ostroh). Getting to the top is challenging, but an adept child can manage it. From the top there’s a full-circle view of the Czech Republic’s newest national park.

Continue on the red trail to Purkarticky Les crossroads. Soon after there’s a turn-off for Vileminina Stena bluff and after about 200 m you’ll find yourself enjoying the view. Nearby hilltop Ruzovsky Vrch is visible from here.

The trip continues on the red trail to a cliff overhang called Tetrevna, where you can take advantage of the shade for a snack break.

A cool forest path leads to the foot of Mariina Skala bluff. The woods in this area have been left to recover naturally from a weeklong fire that raged here on Havrani Vrch in 2006. The final ascent takes the narrow crevices between the cliffs on carved and wooden stairways with railings. At the top is a wood cabin. In good weather the climb is rewarded with sweeping views that reach well into Saxon Switzerland.

The route takes you back to the village of Jetrichovice where you can admire the folk architecture or check out the new local history exhibit next door to Praha restaurant. 

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