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Tisa cliffs

Climbing is allowed here in dry weather year-round except in areas where there is a high level of erosion damage. You can get a list of off-limits routes at the cashier’s desk at the entrance to the cliffs. Climbers are not allowed to use magnesium or other chemical preparations, damage the cliff face, or use anchors that may damage the cliff. The Czech rules for climbing in sandstone areas apply here.

The Tisa cliffs are mostly hard sandstone, so they are suitable for all kinds of climbing. The Velke Steny area includes 75 cliffs. Male Steny has 59. Among favorite climbs in the Great Cliffs are Staty Major, with its narrow base and wide top, Winklerovy Vez (“Winkler tower”) with its 23 routes, Pevnost (“the fortress”), Zabi Korunka (“the frog crown”), the southern Herkuluv Sloup (“pillar of Hurcules”), Faraonova Stena (“Pharaoh’s wall”), and Vychodni Vez (“eastern tower”). Popular in the Male Steny area are Postolci Stena (“kestrel wall”), Osamela Vez (“lone tower”), and the southwest Ptaci Vez (“bird tower”). Other cliff areas near Tisa include Bürschlicke Steny (33 cliffs), Hrebenove Steny (30 cliffs), Anglicky Parcik (10 cliffs), Steny pod Silnici (45 cliffs), Modrin (45 cliffs), and Veze za Cestou (7 cliffs).


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