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Ruzenka viewpoint

The area’s newest observation tower bears the familiar name “Ruzenka,” the Czech equivalent of the girl’s name “Rosie.” It opened in the spring of 2018 and is located at the top of Pastevni arch (402 m above sea level) in Ruzova. The village lies 8 km from the German border crossing at Hrensko. An educational trail stops here. The tower itself is just six and a half meters high, but it offers a nice 360-degree view. Looking towards Germany, you can see Grosser and Kleiner Zchirnstein, Pfaffenstein, Papststein, Lilienstein, and Kaiserkrone. Bohemian sites visible from here include Vlci hora, Pravcicka brand, Vysoky Sneznik, Jedlova, and Studenec.

The local community raised funds for this unusual observation tower. The structure was originally drafted to stand 12 meters tall, but after negotiations with preservationists, it was shortened. This charming little watchtower is worth a visit.


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