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Bastei clifftop bridge

One of the best known attractions in the Saxon border area, the Bastei clifftop bridge offers great panoramas of Saxon Switzerland.

The place gets its name from the defensive set of sheer cliff faces around the clifftop fortress Neurathen. The Bastei cliffs were formed by erosion over millions of years. They rise to an elevation of 305 meters.

Bastei boasts incredible views of the Elbe River valley, the stone bridge Basteibrücke, Neurathen fortress, and the cliff formations. It is near the spa town Rathen, not far from Pirna, 194 meters above the right bank of the Elbe, roughly 15 kilometers from the Hrensko-Schmilka border crossing on the German side.

The Basteibrücke, Europe's first hiking bridge, spans 76 meters across the deep Mardertelle gorge. It connects Bastei with Neurathen fortress. The bridge was built in 1851.

In the summer months you’ll run into crowds of hikers here, joining those who have visited the sight over its nearly 200-year history.

Entry: Entry to Bastei bridge is free of charge; entry to the Neurathen ruins and panorama points is €1.50.

Open daily, year round

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