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Belveder panoramic terrace

The Belvedér viewing terrace occupies a spot in the heart of the wildly beautiful Bohemian Switzerland area. It overlooks the Elbe Canyon between Decin and Hrensko. There is a hotel with a restaurant by the terrace.

Belvedér has an unbeatable view of the Elbe Canyon. You can see Dolni Zleb, the table mountains Zirkelstein and Kaiserkrone, as well as other landforms such as Schrammsteine and Grosse Winterberg.

Getting there

  • By car: A paved road from Labska Stran leads all the way to the spot. The hotel has a small parking lot.
  • On foot from Labska Stran: Leave your car in Labska Stran and take the red trail.
  • On foot from Hrensko: Take the red trail.
  • On foot from Decin: Take the red trail (11 km).
  • On foot from Dolni Zleb: Climb the stone stairway.

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