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Bike trip: Table mountains

This route winds among huge sandstone bluffs, along quiet river valleys and past forest ponds. Take in the local flora and fauna or get your adrenalin pumping with a climb up Decinsky Sneznik or Grosser Zschirnstein. From Maxicky take bike route 23 towards Decinsky Sneznik. From the village of Sneznik an asphalt trail leads 2 km up to the observation tower at the summit. Returning from the tower, take a right at the restaurant and parking lot.

Follow bike route 23 for 2 km to where the main trail curves right, but take the path leading off to the left. After 1.5 km take the next right onto the yellow Fuchsbachstraße. At Alte Flösserbrücke bridge a forest path will take you 2 km to the award-winning restaurant at Kristin Hrádek. Continue on the green trail to Taubenteich pond. From here take the yellow trail for 2 km until it turns, at which point continue straight along Krippenbach brook. At the next crossroads, take a right onto the green Schifferweg and follow it until the turn off for Grosser Zschirnstein and the scenic viewing point — a short hike (2 km) on the red trail takes you there. Back at the crossing, take a right turn; the trail turns into the green trail, crosses the German-Czech border at Ceska brana, and after a couple of hundred meters joins a paved road leading back to Maxicky.


Treat yourself to a meal at Kristin Hradek, a top-rated restaurant specializing in traditional Bohemian cuisine.


Decinsky Sneznik – At 723 m, this sandstone summit is the highest point of the Decin highlands and the highest table mountain in the Czech Republic. At its top stands a stone watchtower with a fabulous view of the surrounding area.

Grosser Zschirnstein – Wonderful views. Take the hike (1.7 km) up the red trail on foot.


From the village of Sneznik up to the watchtower it’s a 2 km climb on a paved trail; if you are riding down, take your descent slowly out of courtesy to those who are on the way up.