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3. 1. 2024

Riverside visitor center temporarily closed

Due to the threat of flooding on the River Elbe, the visitor center located on the ground floor of Decin municipal library is temporarily closed. Visitors to Decin can use the information center located in the main railway station, which remains open. Water levels peaked before the new year, but continued rain threatens a return of high waters in the next few days.

18. 9. 2023

The Shuttle Buses in Czech Switzerland are for free

If you're planning a trip to Czech Switzerland, you can use bus route number 441. Thanks to it, you can not only reach the main destinations in the national park but also travel entirely for free.

29. 8. 2023

New Escape game: Escape from the Cursed City

Can you navigate through the urban jungle of Děčín? This new online escape game is designed for both children and adults. Explore the city's beauty, solve puzzles, and uncover secrets in this interactive experience filled with adventure and collaboration. A fantastic activity for the whole family to enjoy!

22. 8. 2023

The ferry in Dolní Žleb is functioning again

The ferry is open again. However, it will run in limited service.

21. 8. 2023

The ferry in Dolní Žleb is temporarily out of service

Due to technical reasons, the ferry in Dolní Žleb is inoperative.

7. 8. 2023

Yellow trail near Doubice was closed

A part of the yellow trail was closed near Doubice in Divoká rokle.

28. 7. 2023

Go on a new walking route near Doubice

A new blue hiking trail has opened on the route Sv. Eustach, Bor - Hřebec.

28. 7. 2023

The cycle path in the Doubice-Kyjov section is closed

Part of the cycle route 3076 (also hypo-route) Doubice – Kyjov is closed for now. The reason is the danger of falling trees.

25. 7. 2023

Due to hot summer many boat trips are cancelled

Unfortunately, high temperatures and drought also affected the Elbe. Due to the low level of water in the river, more than ten cruises were cancelled this year.

11. 5. 2023

Via ferrata in Decin closed May 15–19

The climbing trail in the heart of Decin will be closed for repairs.