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Ridgetop hiking trail Hrebenovka

Looking for a unique challenge? Come hike Hrebenovka, the ridgetop hiking trail that runs the length of Bohemian Switzerland.

This long-distance hiking trail will take you through 100 kilometers of beautiful, little travelled territory in northern Bohemia. The route goes from Stozecke Pass (a.k.a. Sebr) in the Lusatian mountains, along the Ore Mountains to the village of Petrovice, hitting as many of the areas points of interest as possible so that hikers can try regional products and local businesses. The trail has plenty of rest spots where hikers can gather strength for the onward journey.

The Hrebenovka trail connects to the historical blue trail of the same name that runs between Praded and As and whose first stretch, Jested–Ruzak, was blazed in Bohemian Switzerland 120 years ago. Although Hrebenovka runs 100 kilometers, it’s up to every hiker how they tackle it. Some may break the hike into several days, spending the night in various spots, while others may hike just part of the trail. Either way, it’s a beautiful walk in the wilds of northern Bohemia.

See the full Hrebenovka route.

If you need a little help planning your itinerary, see our three-day hike below. You can walk it or try running it (see the Hrebenovka run).

Třídenní přechod Hřebenovky 

Day one: Sebr–Rynartice (35 km)

From the pass at Stozecke sedlo head across the new footbridge on the sandstone ridge Stozec, Konopac, and Jeleni skala (known collectively as Jeleni kameny). From here head to the ruins at Tolstejn about an hour away. There are several viewing platforms on the site of the ruins and a small pub serving refreshments. From Tolstejn, cross the meadow above Ranc to the hill Jedlova, the highest point of the trail. You can take the 130-year-old stairs to the top for a great view of the Jizera Mountains, Lusatian Mountains, Milesovka, Vlhost, and Saxon Switzerland.

Once you’ve taken in the view, descend along the ski slope to Krizova hora. This spot is shrouded in mystery and various legends are connected to it. On its northwest slope are the old silver mines (Stribrne doly) including the St. John the Evangelist mine, which is open to the public with tours available.

From Krizova hora, head for Jiretin pod Jedlovou, a village with a preserved medieval center. The old road through Podluzi takes you to Velky rybnik (literally “big pond”), a bird-watching and fishing paradise. Please note, though, this is a nature preserve, so there is no swimming allowed. Another hour’s walk takes you to the town of Krasna Lipa, where you can enjoy a cold beer at the local brewery Falkenstejn or visit the museum at the Bohemian Switzerland House (Dum Ceskeho Svycarska). The

Kogler nature trail
takes you across a park to admire the folk architecture at Kamenna horka. From here, the trail goes on to Kinsky outlook – many trees were felled due to a bark beetle infestation, so you can really see the contours of the countryside, the Krinice River and the rocks of the Kyjov valley.

Follow the footbridges and stairs down to the creek (Syrovy potok) and go around the reservoir to the village of Doubice. The route takes you through the woods, providing views of wilderness and various rock formations, including the “narrow stairs” (Uzke schody), to the hilltop cabin Tokan, where there is a restaurant and inn. From Tokan, take the blue trail down to today’s stopping point, Rynartice, where there are multiple options for lodging.

Day two: Rynartice–Belveder (35 km)

Having got a good night’s rest, you should be ready to tackle day two of our three-day itinerary. From Rynartice, take the blue trail towards Pavlinino udoli, where you are not likely to meet many hikers even in the summer season. The trail follows a charming creek. At the end of the valley, you’ll walk through a tunnel and come out at Griesel pond (Grieseluv rybnik). Continue from here to Grieseluv kriz and the Jetrichovice sanitorium all the way to the outlooks Mariina skala, Vileminina stena, and Rudolfuv kamen. The first of the three outlooks, Mariina skala, has a wooden gazebo at the top with a view of Ruzovsky vrch, Straziste, Studenec, and other Bohemian Switzerland highlights.

Once you’ve done the rounds of the outlook points, from the Pohovka crossroads, go towards the cliff chapel Kny. Along the

Bohemian highway
nature trail (Ceska silnice) you will come to the ruins at Saunstejn. The climb up to the top is a bit tricky – ladders and steep stairs set in the crevices of the rock – but the reward is a breathtaking view.

Taking the red trail from Saunstejn, you’ll come to Pravcicka brana’s little sister, Mala Pravcicka, which you can climb up and cross over – there’s even a viewing platform. From this sandstone arch, continue to Vetrovec, Mezni Louka, and Mezna. From there it’s on to Mezni mustek and across the river Kamenice, where you’ll be awfully close to the popular attraction Wild Gorge.

From the Kamenice River, the trail takes you through Hajenky and Janov all the way down to Hrensko and the Elbe River. From Hrensko, head along the red trail towards Labska stran, where you’ll come out at the beautiful panoramic terrace of Belveder, with its amazing view of the Elbe Canyon and the plateaus of Zirkelstein and Kaiserkrone as well as Schrammsteine and Grosser Winterberg. You can also see the village of Dolni Zleb from here. Stay the night at Belveder or in the area of Labska stran.

Day three: Belveder–Petrovice (35 km)

The final day of our hike starts at Belveder. Take the red trail, hitting several beautiful panoramic points overlooking the Elbe Canyon – Spalenisko and Sneznicka vyhlidka for example. Take some photos at Labska straz, the charming nineteenth-century pavilion overlooking the river. At the end of the red trail, you’ll find yourself on the Imperial Outlook on Quaderberg (Kvadrberk) with the whole town of Decin lying at your feet. The Hrebenovka route continues on the other side of the river, over Cerveny vrch towards Decinsky Sneznik, the highest flat-topped mountain in the country, with its fantastic views of Bohemian Switzerland and the Lusatian Mountains. Looking out, you’ll see how very far you’ve walked. To finish, head down from Sneznik, past the pond in Ostrov, through the rock climbing area Rajec, to Petrovice, your final destination on this three-day hike.


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