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Velke Brezno – Povrly Ferry

Connecting the left and right banks of the Elbe River between Usti and Decin, this anchored ferry is motorless, using the current to transport hikers, cyclists, cars, and trucks on the 130-meter journey between banks.

When it operates

Ferry service is available when the water level is between 135 cm and 300 cm at Usti nad Labem. Current information is online.


Child under age 6, including stroller (must be accompanied by someone 15 years and up)Free
Child 6-14 years6 CZK
Passenger 15 years and older10 CZK
Transport of unaccompanied item (up to 15 kg)15 CZK
Transport of unaccompanied item (over 15 kg)20 CZK
Bicycle, scooter, cart, dog (including small breeds)5 CZK
Motorbike up to 50 ccm10 CZK
Motorbike over 50 ccm15 CZK
Motorbike with sidecar, with cart, three-wheeler, four-wheel bike20 CZK
Personal automobile (sedan, wagon)20 CZK
Personal automobile (sedan, wagon) converted to transport more than 5 passengers25 CZK
All-terrain vehicle, utility vehicle, off-road, SUV30 CZK
Pickup truck or similar (Berlingo, Praktik, Doblo, Partner) up to 0.6 t load30 CZK
Van, personal and cargo, up to 0.7 t load30 CZK
Van, personal and cargo, 0.7 t to 1.9 t load40 CZK
Van, personal and cargo, 1.9 t to 3.5 t load50 CZK
Trailer, single-axle15 CZK
Trailer, double-axle, camper trailer25 CZK
Small bed truck, small tractor25 CZK
Truck, up to 3.5 t total weight50 CZK
Truck, over 3.5 t total weight60 CZK
Tractor60 CZK
Tractor with attachment80 CZK
Tractor with trailer90 CZK
Horse, camel15 CZK

The rate charged for the vehicle does not include the driver and passengers. These and other items are charged separately as listed in the table above.


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