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Tiske Steny rock formations

Tiské Stěny lies near the Ore Mountains at an elevation of 630 meters above sea level. This magnificent labyrinth of rock formations takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to explore from the hiking center (Turistická chata) at its eastern edge (a walk of 4 km).

The nature trail through the complex’s two main areas - the “big rocks” and “little rocks” – wends its way under overhangs, through tunnels, and past all manner of nooks, arches, and towers. It makes a great trip for the whole family.

You can return along the cliff tops on the red trail and take in wonderful views of Tisá, the Central Bohemian Uplands, the Ore Mountains, windmills, and more.

A day trip to the cliffs takes four to six hours. It’s best to head out first thing in the morning.

Tisá is an ideal destination for rock climbers and hikers. There are shops selling climbing gear, restaurants, and souvenir stalls. And the cliffs of Ostrovské Skály are just a 4 km hike on the yellow or red trails.

More information at www.tisa.cz.


Tiské Stěny rocks are open daily, year-round.


Adults 50 CZK

Children 15 CZK

(Free of charge in wintertime)


There are parking lots in Tisá near Saint Ann’s church and at the hiking center.

Getting there


From Děčín, take bus 432 for Libouchec on Prokopa Holého street. Transfer at “Libouchec obecní úřad” to bus 452 for Tisá. Disembark at “Tisá rozcestí Sněžník 5.0.” Use the same route for the trip back.


Tisá is 18 km from Děčín by car. Follow the road from Děčín through Jílové and Libouchec.


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