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Up the shepherd’s bluff

If you park your car at the zoo, you can walk up to the café at the top of the bluff overlooking the river. Hardier walkers can follow the red trail all the way up from the banks of the Elbe. At the top there is an enchanting view of the Elbe valley, the castle, and the town. Continue on the red trail along the ridge and take in the scenery along the way. The trail leads to an overhang with a great view.

Here the trail splits, with the red trail leading on clifftop trails past a meadow with a children’s playground, and back to the zoo. And here you can choose any of three return routes: Go back to the café and follow the path to the riverbank, take another path along the sandstone cliffs, or enjoy the view of the river and the castle. You can also follow the road down to Teplicka ulice. The whole loop is an easy 3 km walk with rest stops and nice views and is suitable for families. There are well marked trails for Nordic Walking here as well.


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