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Dolsky Mlyn mill

In the heart of the national parklands, not far from the tiny village of Kamenicka Stran, lies Dolsky Mlyn mill. The old mill stands where the Kamenice and Jetrickovicka Bela rivers meet. The ruins are the scene of an area legend, re-enacted several times a year by local enthusiasts. The three-wheeled mill dating from 1515 was named a cultural landmark in 2007. It’s an easy walk from here to Jetrichovice and the Mariina outlook on the sandstone cliffs.

This magical spot is a popular shooting location for filmmakers and has been featured in numerous projects.

While you’re here, take a stroll (500 m) over to the the “Royal Spruce,” a European spruce entered in the register of landmarks. It stands 27 meters tall and its trunk is 3 meters around. It has stood here for more than 180 years.

Getting there

The easiest route to the mill is from Jetrichovice; it’s a 3 km walk on the yellow hiking trail. The nearest bus stop is in Vysoka Lipa; walk on the blue trail to the Kamenice River and then follow the stream for 2 km. There’s also a bus stop in Jetrichovice.

If you’re taking the train, you’ll have a 10 km walk from Ceska Kamenice on well-marked trails.

See the Dolsky Mlyn website for more information.


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