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Parking around Decin

It’s a question that every driver is confronted with at some time or another: Where to park? Parking lots fill up and you have to choose a spot far away, in some awkward place… if you find one at all. It’s an especially ticklish problem when you head off on holiday to places unknown. So we’ve put together a parking guide to make life a little easier for our visitors. See our tips for parking when you visit Bohemian Switzerland and the Elbe Sandstones area. Our list includes destinations like:

  • Hrensko
  • Jetrichovice
  • Tiske steny cliffs
  • Sneznik mountain
  • Decin

The guide includes information and tips about parking hours, payment, and parking apps so you can leave your car behind and enjoy yourself.


Anyone planning a holiday in Bohemian Switzerland will visit Hrensko and its surroundings. And the village is ready for it. There are an abundance of lots here, many managed by the township.

Cliffside lot “Pod skalou”

Conveniently located, whether you want to go for a hike through the Kamenice gorges or to Pravcicka brana arch. An information board about the town and its surroundings and a refreshment stand are nearby. Payment accepted in cash only. Lot capacity: 50 vehicles.

Passengercar150 CZK/day
Motorcycle70 CZK/day

Waterfall lot “U vodopadu”

Popular for its location, this lot is closest to Pravcicka brana arch. There’s an information board. Payment accepted in cash only. Lot capacity: 120 vehicles.

Passenger car150 CZK/day
Motorcycle70 CZK/day

Mezni Louka

This lot is well located for the surrounding attractions. The Gabriella trail leads from here to Pravcicka brana arch. Breathtaking views. Near the parking lot are a restaurant, playground, and info center. Payment accepted in cash only. Lot capacity: 150 cars, 10 coaches.

Passengercar150 CZK/day
Motorcycle70 CZK/day
Camper300 CZK/day
Coach600 CZK/day

Gas station lot “U cerpaci stanice”

This lot is farthest from the sights in Hrensko, but it has the advantage of being free of charge. Located in the town center directly across from the gas station. Lot capacity: 20 vehicles.

Aside from the municipal parking lots in Hrensko, there are several privately operated lots. Good tips include “Parkoviste soutesky Pravcicka brana” and “Hrensko parking.” Rates are comparable at about 150 CZK/day. Those traveling in campers can only park in spaces along the river.

All lots are on Google Maps and Mapy.cz.  Please note that there is a strict ban on parking outside of designated parking lots in this entire area, punishable by a fine of 5,000 CZK. So do not try to park illegally. It is not worth it.

TIP: If you plan to visit Pravcicka brana arch or the river gorge, we recommend coming on a weekday. On weekends Hrensko is literally bursting at the seams and parking becomes a battle. Come during the week and enjoy the relative peace and quiet. If you do come on the weekend, it’s worth getting an early start. By eleven o’clock parking spots can be truly hard to come by.


Another popular destination, Jetrichovice has a number of parking lots with rates around 150 CZK/day. Payment is accepted by cash or card. Below is a map of the main parking lots.

There are marked trails from all parking lots to the main tourist destinations in the area such as Marie lookout, Rudolph rock, Wilhelmina cliff, and the old mill at Dolsky mlyn. The lots in the lower part of the map are farther from Jetrichovice and mainly serve visitors to the swimming pool and recreational center. If you are planning a trip to Dolsky mlyn or to the ruins at Schauenstein, you can try parking in nearby Vysoka Lipa, where there are three main paid parking lots. The rate is the same, about 150 CZK/day, and payment is accepted by cash or card. The walk to Dolsky mlyn from Vysoka Lipa takes about half an hour (a little over 1 km); to Schauenstein it’s 45 minutes (2.5 km).

The lots here are fairly large. There are roughly 300 spots in Jetrichovice and around 110 in Vysoka Lipa. If visiting Jetrichovice during the main season, it is probably best to come on a weekday and first thing in the morning. As in Hrensko, there is a strict ban in Jetrichovice on parking outside of designated areas.

Tisa cliffs

If you plan to visit the rock formations at Tisa, there are two main parking lots available. The first is a paid lot across from St. Anna’s Church, less than a ten minute walk to the cliffs. Parking will put you back 50 CZK/day, even in the summer months. Payment is accepted by cash or card. Another parking lot is located at the other end of the cliffs at the Turisticka chata restaurant, where parking is free. Of course, if you arrive in Tisa during the main season in the afternoon, parking can be hard to come by. Besides, a visit to the cliffs will take the whole day, so it is best to come early.


It’s easiest to get to the Czech Republic’s highest flat-top mountain by car. There is a parking lot at the restaurant Hrebenova bouda, just a 1.4 km walk to the top. Pay for parking at the machine. Payment is accepted by card only. Vehicles above 2.3 meters high are not allowed. Loss of your parking permit will put you back 1,000 CZK, so make sure you remember which pocket you put it in. As elsewhere, it is best to arrive at Sneznik first thing in the morning, especially in fine weather.

4 am–midnight40 CZK/hr
maximum charge120 CZK
midnight–4 am500 CZK

If you are visiting the Elbe Sandstones and Bohemian Switzerland in your camper, you can find parking at Stellplatz. Although this lot is located among guest houses and hotels, you will have privacy. You can take on drinking water and electricity here too. These services are fee-based and can be paid by the parking card that you charge at the parking lot cashier. Upon check-out, you will then be charged automatically for services used.

Minimum charge (five hours, includes service fee)125 CZK
Hourly rate15 CZK
Each additional hour or fraction of an hour15 CZK
Drinking water3 CZK / 10 liters
Electricity15 CZK / KWh

For more information, visit their website at stpl-sneznik.cz/en.


If you are visiting the Elbe Canyon, you should spend some time in the Czech Republic’s lowest-lying city, Decin. For visits to the castle and the historical center, leave your car on the unpaid parking lot by the municipal library in the center of town. Decin’s visitor center is located in the library too, so stop to pick up some free brochures and maps of the area.

In the summer months, the parking lot at the library is busiest in the afternoon and chances of finding a spot are lower, but not non-existant. In fact, the situation is worse in the off-season, when the lot is used mainly by people who work or live in the area. In the morning, parking becomes a bit of a challenge. However, you can try to park nearby, behind the secondary school. You can get here the same way as to the town library, from the roundabout at the main square to Duchcovska ulice. Then turn right into Labská and in a few minutes there is a small unpaid parking lot in front of you (to get to the library parking lot, turn left from Duchcovská, closer to the Elbe). There are also paid parking lots in the city centre, the prices of which are uniform. The safest place to park is on the main square or the lot “U plovárny.”

If you arrive in Decin from the south, there is also parking on the other side of the river in Podmokly. There is free parking behind the train station, but this fills up quickly. There are usually spots available at the paid lot across from the train station, which has space for 129 cars and the first hour is free with 20 CZK/hr afterwards.

Parking is also available on Mirove namesti, where the cost of parking is the same as elsewhere in town. If you plan a visit to the zoo, use the zoo parking lot. The charge is 50 CZK/day. Of course, the zoo is a popular destination and the lot does fill up quickly in the main season.

To pay for parking in Decin, use the curbside machines located at intervals around town.

Street parkingFee
Up to 30 minutes5 CZK
Up to 60 minutes20 CZK
Each additional hour20 CZK

A mobile application also allows drivers to pay for parking by SMS.

If you haven’t got any change, just use the ParkSimply app, a free download. Just fill in your preferred payment method, license plate number, and the parking zone. More info on parksimply.cz (in Czech).

If you are paying by app, you cannot choose a period of less than one hour.

Pay for parking by mobile appFee
Up to 60 minutes20 CZK
2 hours40 CZK
3 hours60 CZK
4 hours80 CZK
1 day100 CZK
1 week300 CZK
Each additional hour20 CZK

Visiting the national park

There is always lots of interest in visiting the natural beauties of Bohemian Switzerland National Park, so much, in fact, that the national park service has issued a special call to visitors alerting them to the unsustainable parking situation there. The park service urges visitors to take advantage of public transport options to visit popular destinations in the park and leave their cars at home. Not only is this the ecological choice, it is also more pleasant than stressing over finding a spot in the hopelessly full parking lots.

Railway enthusiasts will be happy to know that there is rail service into the park. In addition there is frequent bus service to the whole area.

It is, of course, your choice how you will get yourself to the park. The main thing is to behave environmentally responsibly once you are there.

Enjoy your visit

We hope this parking guide helps make your visit to Bohemian Switzerland and the Elbe Sandstones stress free.


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