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Bike trip: Cliff towns

This route follows the Krinice River valley among picturesque cliff formations and offers fascinating views of the Elbe sandstones from the cliff tops at Falkenstein and Kleine Bastei.

Starting in Mezni Louka, take the green trail through Hluboky dul to the border crossing at Zadni Jetrichovice. Then continue into Germany on the blue trail in the Krinice valley, passing Altes Zeughaus restaurant. Continue along the bike trail through Kleiner Zschand to the Liehtenheiner waterfall. Stay on this trail through Falkenstein and on to the Elbe. Follow the Elbe trail back to Hrensko and then follow bike route 21 to Mezni Louka.


Stop for a meal at Altes Zeughaus in the picturesque village of Grosser Zschand.


Lichtenheiner waterfall – This 5-meter fall sparkles among massive sandstone rocks.

The Bastei – A unique cliff bridge, the Bastei is considered the pearl of Saxon Switzerland.


Getting to Kleine Bastei – Take the green trail from just outside of Schmilka for about 1 km. This is a footpath (no bikes allowed). Leave your bike in the village.

If you don’t want make the full round trip, there are several alternatives for one leg of the journey (there or back).


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