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Decin’s synagog stands on the road leading from Podmokly up Pastyrska Stena. It was built (1906-1907) in a faux oriental style with Art Nouveau elements.

The Podmokly synagogue escaped the fate of many temples in Bohemia’s Sudeten region during WWII. The synagogue, stripped of its religious symbols, served during the German occupation as a storehouse for the Wehrmacht, later as a clubhouse for the Hitler Youth, and then again as a military storehouse. In 1994 it was returned to the Jewish Community of Decin. By then the building was in a terrible state. Its interior had been entirely stripped, including its most important item – the Torah. All that remained were bare walls. Under the custodianship of the Decin Jewish community, in partnership with other subjects, it underwent extensive renovations and has regained its dignity and beauty. Today it is once again a vital cultural and social hub.


Monday - Thursday 16:00 - 17:45 

Friday and public´s holiday days is synagog close

Weekend 10:00 – 17:00 

Entry:  50 CZK


Zidovska obec Decin

Zizkova 4, 405 02 Decin IV

Tel./fax: 412 531 095

E-mail: zidovska.obec.decin@volny.cz


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