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Bike trip: Bohemian Switzerland

This route explores the wilderness of Bohemian Switzerland National Park, including the Kyjov valley and the Weifberg and Na Tokani panoramic points.

Starting at Mezní Louka, take bike route 21 for a couple of hundred meters before turning onto route 3030. Continue along Hluboky dul to the border crossing at Zadni Jetrichovice.

From the border, ride into Germany along the Krinice River valley and take the second right turn around Rudolfuv kamen. The trail leads to the village of Hinterhermsdorf, where the opportunity presents itself for a nice side trip to see the view from the Weifberg observation tower (take the blue trail). When you’ve had your fill of the view, take the red trail to the border crossing at Zadni Doubice—Hranicni most. Alternately, you can return from Weifberg to Hinterhermsdorf and from there take the green trail to Zadni Doubice—Hranicni most following route 3032 along the Krinice. After the border, you’ll enter the lovely Kyjov valley. The trail takes you to Dix mill in Kyjov. The next right turn returns you on bike route 3029 via Stara Doubice and the cottage Na Tokani to Vysoka Lipa. From here it is only a couple of kilometers on bike route 21 to Mezni Louka.

Mezni Louka – Zadni Jetrichovice – Hinterhermsdorf (view) – Zadni Doubice – Kyjov – Doubice – Saula – Tokan (view) – Taborovy dul – Vysoka Lipa – Mezni Louka


Weifberg – A wooden observation tower with a stunning panoramic view of Saxon Switzerland. It was built above the village of Hinterhermsdorf in 2000. It is open free of charge.


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