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River Rafting

Don your captain’s hat and head out in a trim little boat with your very own crew. Inflatable raft and boat rentals offer fun and adventure.

Conquer the river in the unique Elbe Canyon. Let the current carry you along. Wave at the statue of Saint Adalbert as you float past. And enjoy the view of the sandstone cliffs. The calm waters of the Elbe River are great for amateur boaters and families alike and the larger rafts are ideal for groups. Make the trip on your own or with an experienced instructor. Trips can combine rafting with other sports activities. The rental shop offers transport of bicycles or in-line skates to your final landing point.

It’s up to you whether you continue on the Elbe to the popular recreational towns of Dolni Zleb, Hrensko, Schmilka, or Bad Schandau.

When water levels allow, you can try your hand on the livelier, wilder currents of the lower Ploucnice. Or plan a memorable company outing or school group adventure on the Elbe.

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Active point Děčín
Labské nábřeží 1716/33, 405 02 Děčín 2
+420 724 006 865
GPS: 50°46'47.5"N 14°12'20.3"E

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