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Velky Chlum observation tower

Decin, a city set in the Elbe river valley, among volcanic hills and sandstone bluffs, occasionally makes its own run for the hills. When it does, fantastic panoramas open up. There are a number of viewpoints to choose from. If you prefer classic stone towers, then Velky Chlum is just the thing.

The red trail will take you there from the middle of town. The view takes in the Central Bohemian Uplands, Ore Mountains, and Elbe Sandstones. The original hillside settlement here had a number of pubs and restaurants, all long gone. There remain a scattering of houses, a chapel, and this 16-meter stone tower. Climb its 83 steps year-round. There are two open-air viewing platforms where you can see Kletecna, Milesovka, Decinsky Sneznik , and part of Bohemian Switzerland. Relax around a campfire in the fire ring at the foot of the tower. In the summer it’s a great spot for watching the sun set over the city and the hills.


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